Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Donkey Poems

                                                                                         by Carol Knight Watson
Wild Burro Foal

Poor little foal of an oppressed race:
I love the languid patience of thy face. 
Samuel Taylor Coleridge, 1794

  Twas when the rain fell steady and the ark was pitched and ready,
And Noah got his orders for to take the bastes (beasts) below:
He haled them all together by the hide and horn and feather,
And all except the donkey were agreeable to go.
                                                                                     John Lockwood Kipling
                                                                                     from Beast and Man in India
London, MacMillan Co., N.Y., 1891 

From left, Harry, Patty, Claude

Books I have read that have made me cry, 
pictures Ive seen that have made me sigh,
songs I have heard that have brought the tears, 
sorrows Ive known throughout the years;
but nothing has touched me so deep inside 
as the sadness Ive seen in a donkey’s eyes.
                                                                                Kent Ghirard
                                                                                                                Oahu, Hawaii  

     Recently, we have had some high 90s weather, but its cooled off for now. The concern is, no rain. The pastures are quickly turning brown and the grass “crunches” under your feet. The weather forecast shows no prediction for rain anytime soon. This drought cycle has been going on for a lot of years now and seems to have become part of the normal weather pattern for Southwest Georgia. Woe is us!
     Talk to you next time. . .


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